There are some places in this world which appear to be exactly the opposite:


A breathtaking landscape and unparalleled architecture has rendered Santorini a world-class destination. The story behind the island is equally fascinating; Santorini came about after one of the largest volcanic eruptions on Earth in recorded history.During the first eruption, the centre of the island collapsed thousands of feet into the sea, forming the famous Caldera of Santorini. This landmark created spectacular views throughout the island and is truly one of the natural wonders of the world. The destruction left the main island of Thira in a half-moon shape and also created a group of smaller islands that make up Santorini. They are Thirassia and Aspronisi.
With the first eruption, the first volcano (PalaiaKameni) appeared above the surface of the sea, while the following eruptions created a second volcano (NeaKameni).

There is a myth that supports the fact that Santorini might actually be the lost island of Atlantis. According to Plato’s (427-437 BC) description, the people of Atlantis lived on the island with divine powers; however, they gradually started losing them. Thus, they decided to start conquering other prosperous islands with great success. Despite the fact that they were undefeated, Athenians managed to stand against them. Due to their arrogance the Gods decided to punish them and in addition the city of Atlantis was destroyed in a night.
Even in this very day, the island is still an active volcano. The antithesis of the deep blue waters along with the white, red and black volcanic pebbles on the beaches create scenery that remains unforgettable.